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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Iceland Plot Brexit From Euro2016

#EURO2016 #RoundOf16

#Iceland plotted an early #Brexit (ironically just days after England #referendum voted in favour of exiting the #EuropeanUnion) in a scintillating display of pluck and determination. England will have themselves to blame more than anything for this loss though because they treated Iceland as minnows and expected to walk-over them easily in this match.

It started on expected notes when #RyanSturridge was brought down in the penalty box in just the 4th minute of the game. The ensuing penalty kick was drilled in by captain #WayneRooney with ease.

1-0 England and it experts started discussing high scorelines at the end of the match but Iceland had other ideas. Barely had English players and fans subsided after the early goal celebrations, Ragnar Sigrudsson pulled off a a stunning volley off a long throw in to beat #JoeHart and equalize.

1-1. Game on even keel yet again. 2 goals under 7 minutes and tempo starts building up.
Surprisingly, it is Iceland who up it first throw their runs, passes and throws alongside neat coordination. England look ragged and jaded. Their passes are falling short, or mis-passed to Iceland, not finding fellow players on deep crosses and then another piece of magic from Kolbein Sigthorsson who drills one through three defenders towards English goal. Hart stretches and gets a firm hand to the ball but it slides under his arms to roll slowly into the net.

2-1 Iceland. Amazing scenes as fans and players celebrate taking lead in the 17th minute of the game. England shell-shocked (something they never recovered from for the remainder of the match) and then it went all downhill for them after this moment.

There was another penalty scare for Iceland immediately when #RaheemSterling claimed another one but the #referee was perfectly placed to see what had happened and judged against the claim.

At half time, the #BarmyArmy had begun to feel the jitters and needed inspiration to get out of this hole. England has done that against #Wales (they won 2-1 after being down by a goal in the first half) in the group stages so there was hope.

However, after the ends changed, their performance went further downhill probably under pressure to deliver in a knockout game. Iceland stood stoic and determined. In fact, they had two close chances to score further and shut the game on England but Hart prevented those well. Rooney was well below par and couldn't motivate his team to take their game to next level.

At full time, the scenes were unbelievable. Iceland broke into their popular dancing in front of their little crowd against the epic proportioned British fans. #RoyHodgson, England coach, looked all gloom and English players dug their heads on the ground weeping and inconsolable. They had missed out a great opportunity to progress in a major tournament against a seemingly easy opposition. They had tripped. They were white faced. #Brexit from Euro.

#Iceland will now play #France in Paris on 3rd July and who knows what this win will have done to their confidence? Am sure France will have watched this game carefully and will not be foolish to take them lightly anymore...

Full time score:
Eng 1 - 2 Iceland
Rooney - Sigrudsson, Sigthorsson

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