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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Ind v Aus (2nd Test Match, Kolkata, 2001)

Lets kick-off (toss-off really) with arguably the greatest test match of all time. (the two tied tests, the Melbourne test of 1993 between Aus and WI or the Headingley #Ashes Test of 2005 come very close though)

This test match between India and Australia played in Kolkata 2001 is the greatest on following counts
 - Australian captain Steve Waugh had declared this test series as his final frontier. A win here would have established the Aussies as the greatest team of all time (remember they had not won is India for more than 35+ years then)
 - Until the end of day 3, the Aussies had buried the Indians so deep that it was a matter of time that game would end on Day 4 itself. The Aussies surely had party of their mind.
 - What transpired on Day 4 and then further on Day 5 was straight out of a Hollywood flick or A Houdini trick for India.
 - The atmosphere at #EdenGardens was so electrifying, it resembled the Roman Colosseum with Gladiators fighting it out ball by ball.
 - No other game witnessed an extraordinary turnaround like this (although the 1981 Ashes test at Headingley had similar shades)

Presenting highlights of the complete test match. Its a bit long but every minute is worth the watch. Just see how fortunes swayed between the two teams. Simply magical ...

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