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Monday 23 January 2017

Australian Open 2017: Fan Cam Is The Latest Buzz At The Grand Slam

#FanCam - The latest sensation unveiled at the #AustralianOpen #Tennis #GrandSlam. 

A STATE-of-the-art "Fan Cam'' to be unveiled at this month's Australian Open will allow spectators to take control of a camera inside the #Stadium #Roof and snap a #Selfie'' in their seats.

Fans will be able to visit a mobile site via smartphone, enter their seat number and pose for a picture in the latest grand slam first at #RodLaver #Arena.

Photos will then be sent to their phone and fans would be encouraged to share them on digital walls inside the stadium and social media with prizes awarded after matches for best images of the night.

The Fan Cam is just one example of cutting-edge technology being used at this year's Australian Open.

More than 200 moving lights will be installed around the arena catwalk and at the top of stadium aisles, and music composed by acclaimed Australian producer Ned Beckley will play from stadium speakers. A light beam display will fill the arena each evening.

And more than 200 different videos tailored to player match-ups every night will be played on 3m high digital screens around the venue.

Giant LED screens in Garden Square will feature life-size player vision during matches. 

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