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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Match Fixing Scandal Rocks Tennis

#MatchFixing #Tennis

In a sensational scoop, the tennis world is rocked by a #matchfixing scandal where players have been bribed to lose matches or fix sets/games/matches to #Bookies' liking. Needless to say, this is a multi-million dollar scam with lot of big names involved.

Some #Wimbledon matches in 2015 were fixed and sources say that 16 of the top 50 ranked men's tennis players are actively involved in fixing their matches. This is a serious allegation and could bring the sport to big disrepute. 

The most startling statement came in from World No 1 #Novak #Djokovic when he agreed that he was approached by bookies in 2007. They approached him through his team members. They scrapped that offer but just goes to show, it is easy to access top players and get them agree on fixing matches for huge sums of money. 

Betting is legal is some parts of the world and banned in others, but, the business is rampantly run all over the world illegally. It is widely believed that #Mafia from Russia and Italy run this tennis betting racket through their channels.

Being an individual sport, the ramifications of fixing games isn't taken lightly by players who want to earn a quick buck. Country pride is not at stake (as opposed to other sports where betting, match fixing and bribery become national disasters. Football, Cricket to name a few!) hence it is pretty easy to get these guys to throw games and earn millions in betting money.

Where will this go? How will #ITF respond?
Hope it doesn't go the Football way or Cricket. Its pretty sad day in sport.