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Monday 28 November 2016

F1 World Champion For 2016 Is Nico Rosberg

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In a thrilling season finale, Nico Rosberg, needing a podium finish to win the #Title, finished second behind his biggest threat and teammate Lewis Hamilton to claim the biggest prize in motor racing. The overall season was so closely fought that the difference between 1 and 2 was a mere 5 points. It was that close!

Although #Rosberg's title success was overshadowed by teammate Hamilton's defiance of team orders, his German company, Mercedes, was all praise of the new champ. Coping with Hamilton's tactics to back him up into the field, Rosberg pulled off a sensational #Overtaking move on Max #Verstappen to recover a position he had lost in the #Pitstops.

Hi Mercedes boss, Lowe said: "Many people can win a race but a championship is about that endurance. This is the longest season in the history of the sport. Nothing sums it up better than this Abu Dhabi win.

"To hold your nerve. Nico was squeezed from the front and the back. There was a very crucial overtake he had to make on Max knowing if he lost the car it would be all over. Holding his nerve through all of that: these are the marks of a great champion."

Hamilton said after the race that his championship was derailed by reliability problems, which included engine failures in qualifying earlier in the campaign and that blow-up in Malaysia.
For Wolff, while accepting that the Sepang failure ultimately proved decisive, he also believes that Rosberg deserves credit for the way he approached the campaign.

Lewis Hamilton remarked "Racing against the most talented driver as a teammate and winning a world championship and making it close the years before is quite an achievement. I think we should honor that, because he is a tough cookie and he doesn't let go. There are quite some remarkable character traits about him that make him a world champion and a worthy world champion."

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