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Friday 3 April 2015

Part 2 - Top 5 Moments of CWC15

If Rahat's catch drop of Shane Watson in that amazing spell by Riaz, was the world cup dropping moment then the first over bowled by Mitchell Starc was as good as clinching the world cup for Australia vs New Zealand in the #CWC15 final.

Both the co hosts had trounced all other opposition and reached the finals. There were amazing performers on each side and their were a lot of mini battles in store in the big finale. 

None bigger than the one between #BrendonMcCullum, the Kiwi skipper and his super aggressive opening batting that shell shocked oppositions into submission vs #MitchellStarc, a revelation of a fast bowler in the tournament in awesome form and clearly vying for the player of the tournament prize along with Trent Boult.

As luck would have it, both were at each other first up.
McCullum won the toss and elected to bat first on a great #MCG wicket.
Runs on the board in a big final was their strategy. 

McCullum clearly had a plan to tackle Starc by unsettling him off his line/length and putting pressure on the rest of the bowling lineup. Starc on the other hand planned to get Mc as soon as possible to be on top!

MartinGuptill took first strike against Starc.
After a leave, he steered one to third man for a single.

Big Mc on strike.
The two warriors facing each other. 
Battle about to explode.

Starc's first ball to McCullum is greeted by a dance down the wicket, missed and the ball shaves ever to close to the off stump. How did it miss off? everyone wonders.

The next one is another inswinging delivery that misses a advancing McCullum and goes to the keeper. 

Two balls, Two attacking attempts, Two misses.
Something had to give in.

The next delivery started outside off and swung in late.
McCullum this time remained in crease expecting a short one but it was full and swinging. The ball swing past inside of his bat and crashed in the base of off stump. Timberrrrrrr! 
Fire lights glow up!

Starc over the moon runs a mini lap towards sqaure leg, Aussie fielders swarm in on him from everywhere, the MCG erupts in joy ..... the big fish was netted early. Huge bonus to start the World Cup final like this!

McCullum dazed by that blow, trudged back to the pavilion with a lot of IFs in head. Could he have been a bit more patient? Could he not have seen off Starc and attack at the other end? If he fell early did his Kiwi troops have ammunition to recover? Lot of questions but answer was only one

Brendon McCullum bowled Starc 0

Kiwis never really recovered from that blow and Australia registered a magnificent win that evening. It all started from them in that first magical over by Starc!

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