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Thursday 2 April 2015

Will Sachin Tendulkar Be India's Next Coach?

If the grapevine is to be believed, #SachinTendulkar will be donning the coach's hat for Team India. He will presumably take charge, from the outgoing coach #DuncanFletcher, after the #IPL.

This is a massive news but should be taken with a pinch of salt.
We discuss some pros-cons of the #littlemaster taking coaching responsibilities for Indian cricket team:

1. The legend himself. Been there, done that, knows everything about cricket. Will command huge respect from players. 

2. Father figure for most (and he's played with most of them) and hence can push them to next level.

3. Astute learner of the game. Can guide players in tough situations, how to handle pressure situations.

4. Level headed will mean he will bring calm to the dressing room. 

5. Has mentored players in the past, so should be able to take up this responsibility without too much trouble

1. The legend himself. His stature is such, players may be in awe (especially budding ones looking to break into the team) and lose focus

2. Never been a great captain, so the mental side of man-management may be weaker (although with age he will be able to kind of manage on that front)

3. Players will find it difficult or uncomfortable to question him at times. This can lead to ugly undercurrents in future

4. Has to acknowledge that captain is boss on the field, coach off it.

5. Expects everyone to play with the same passion as him. Not possible..

All in all, interesting development but #BCCI needs to carefully think before passing on that coach mantle to him.

All the best Sachin!

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