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Monday 20 April 2015

Why Are CSK So Good In "Fair Play" Standings?

The "Fair Play Award" is a wonderful concept brought in by #IPL.

The system ranks teams based on spirit of game demonstrated by teams, no or less verbal aggression, considerations on injuries of opponent teams, good over rates to finish innings, well mannered behavior on-off the field and respect earned from umpires, opposing teams and crowd. The team that scores most on this system wins the fair play award.

Over the last 7 seasons, it has been observed that one team has consistently performed magnificently on this system. Yes, that team is Chennai Super Kings or #CSK and a lot of its credit must go the "cult figure" #MSDhoni. The question is why?

For starters, MSD leading this team just gives it stability. His ability to pick the right players. nurture them into match winners and lead by example are top most qualities that make teams champions both in terms of wins on the field and off it.

He commands respect and can order his troops to behave if he senses problems. He gets them to focus on performance with bat-bowl rather than out-n-out gamesmanship. As a result, not only do they play fair but their record in the match points table is outstanding too. Twice winners, twice runners up and multiple time semi finalists. This team has got its priorities right. They go out to win games on their cricket skills not anything else. Hence they don't need to supplement their performance by antics and gimmicks that bring umpire wrath and negative points on the fair play system.

Another important aspect could be - MS being India captain - teams from other players automatically tone down themselves against CSK? (you don't want to peeve off the Indian captain if you are looking to play for India?)

Guess, the success mantra for CSK is "lets play cricket ...." and that leads them to do well on the ground and off it. Well done CSK! Other teams please take a cue!

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