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Saturday 19 March 2016

#WT20 Ind v Pak Another Rank Turner - Pak 118 for 5 in their 18 overs

#Ind v #Pak
Group 2 Match
#EdenGardens, #Kolkata

Is this a #WT20 game or test match?

The first 10 overs of Pak innings resembled a test match on a typical Indian turner pitch. No batsman was able to read spin on this wicket and runs were coming in a trickle.
It took some lusty hitting from Shoaib Malik and Umar Akmal to get Pak's score some respectability.
All talk of pitch livening after the rains is out of the window.

Pak 118 for 5, 18 overs.

Its over to Pak's bowlers vs India's batsmen now.
Both teams with their best strengths on show.

Pakistan dont have too many spinners.
They opted for 4 seamers.

Afridi and Malik their only spinning options.
Who will come up trumps?
Pak bowling guile will trump or Indian batsmen will clinically finish the game?

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Friday 20 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Clinical Australia Restrict Pakistan to 213

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

Pakistan batsmen have dug themselves a hole alright!
But, the clinical efficiency shown by the Australian bowlers and fielders ensured Pak never came back in the game. Everytime a partnership developed, #MichaelClarke found a bowler to snuff it out.

#JoshHazlewood led the attack with 4 wickets followed by #MitchellStarc and #GlennMaxwell with 2 each. #JamesFaulkner and #MitchellJohnson took a wicket each. Wickets shared around, fielding was superb and overall a thoroughly professional performance.

For Pakistan, it was again a case of unknown entity syndrome.
Today they just came into the game trying to belt everything out of the ground and dug a hole for themselves. Eerily similar to how Sri Lanka imploded against South Africa.

Now its on the Pak bowlers to defend 213.
Can they do it? or Australia will just finish this off in a hurry..

Pak: 213 all out, 49.5 overs

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CWC15 LIVE - Loose Shots Derail Pak After Steady Batting vs Aus

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

A good consolidation period by #Misbah and #Sohail where they steadied things and put Pak on track to a good score. Then suddenly things changed.

In search of wickets, #Clarke brought in #Maxwell for another over to lure #Misbah to go over midwicket (he had already deposited two sixes off Maxwell earlier). He fell to the bait and could not contain his urge to go for another one and holed out to mid-wicket. Surprising shot considering his experience, stage of the match and considering all hard work was done already to steady the ship.

After this dismissal, it was #HarisSohail who had to take responsibility to bat through having settled down. What does he do? He wafts at a harmless delivery outside off to be caught behind.

The poor shot display didn't stop here. #UmarAkmal came in, played some fabulous shots and then .... pulled a rank long hop from Maxwell down mid-wicket's throat. O dear!

From 97 for 2, they were reduced to 124 for 5 through poor batting.
Australia wont mind this one bit. They haven't looked incisive but theie gambles have paid off thus far. 

Boom Boom Afridi at the crease, made a statement through some lusty hitting. But with him you can always hope he stays there for the next ball. And he didnt. He too pulled one straight to mid-wicket.
158 for 6 now.

#SohaibMaqsood has #WahabRiaz for company. 
Can they take Pak to 250? They need that minimum to give their       

Pak: 158 for 6, 34 overs

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CWC15 LIVE - Misbah Living A Charmed Life?

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

After initial setbacks, Pakistan are looking at #Misbah to dig in and bail them out.
And lady luck seems to be smiling on him too...

Playing just his 4th delivery from #Hazlewood, the ball, moving down the legside, caught his thigh pad moved in, clipped the legstump, the bails popped up (both stumps and bails lit up beautifully) and back in the groove! Not out ... (bails need to fall down to count as OUT)

Everyone seemed animated. Australians appealed, umpires explained them the rules, Misbah was sheepishly looking at the whole thing.

Is this the break Pak needed in a huge game?
Only time will tell ... Misbah should think that way and pile on a big innings. Perhaps a century? (missing from his ODI resume)  

Pak: 50 for 2, 12.1 overs

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CWC15 LIVE - Quick Wickets Put Australia On Top Early vs Pak

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

Quick wickets by their opening seamers #Starc and #Hazlewood have put Australia on top very early in their knockout quarterfinal match vs Pakistan

After a decent start by Pak openers, Starc induced an edge from #Sarfraz to second slip where #Watson took a good low catch.

In the very next over, #Shehzad played away from his body to a swinging Hazlewood delivery edging to Australia skipper #Clarke.

Pak skipper #MisbahUlHaq at the crease with #HarisSohail and they need to consolidate and build a big partnership to compete in this match. The good thing for them is they are batting first which is their strength (bowling at oppositions later in the day works best for them, thats their strength)

Pak: 28 for 2, 8 overs

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CWC15 LIVE - Pakistan Win Toss, Bat First vs Australia

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

Pakistan skipper #MisbahUlHaq has won the toss and elected to bat first on a beautiful Adelaide Oval pitch that should remain good throughout the day. It might seam and swing around early, so Pakistan batsmen need to get their eyes in and look to set up a platform.

Australia skipper wasnt too disappointed at losing the toss.

Pakistan openers #Sarfraz and #Shehzad to start proceedings while #MitchellStarc will open the bowling for Australia.

Let the game begin!!

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Saturday 7 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Who Will Take The Initiative - SA vs Pak

#SA v #Pak, #Auckland

The match is on the edge.
Pak batting, SA bowling

#LIVE #Score
Pak - 165 for 4 in 34 overs

16 overs to go.
How many can Pakistan get? How much do they need to threaten that powerful SA batting?
Will SA keep them under 250?
Will #Misbah and #UmarAkmal fire now? or will #Steyn and #Morkel stifle them into submission.

Interesting one hour or so... #Batting #Powerplay coming up soon!

Whatever the situation, Pak has to win this game to harbour QF qualification at #CWC15.
Can feel the tension and nervousness around!

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Sarfaraz Stunner Ends In A Runout v SA

#Pak v #SA
7th Mar 2015

#Sarfaraz has produced a gem in his #CWC15 debut!
Brought in place of the struggling Jamshid, asked to open the innings facing #Steyn gun and company and what does he do? Produce an absolute gem of a knock.

The confidence with which he strode on to the pitch facing the first ball of Steyn was a sight in itself. He walked down the pitch indicating his confidence and aggressive intent.

He infused life into a depressed dressing room and gave the team a very encouraging start, their best in the #CWC15 so far!

When the spinners came on, he decided to take control and went after them.
He especially took to #JPDuminy in one over carting him for 3 sixes over mid wicket. Suddenly, Pak were on the charge and Sarfaraz in complete control.

#ABDevilliers visibly rattled.

As luck would have it, the only way he could get out happened.
Eager to get to his fifty, he went for a suicidal second run against this super fit SA fielding side. #DavidMiller's super throw from the deep beat his dive, #deKock removing the bails.

End of a superb innings (reminded of #Inzamam's sensational knock in the 1992 world cup against NZ).

Pak need to consolidate again. 
#MisbahUlHaq and #YounisKhan at the crease.

#LIVE #Cricket #Score
Pak - 129 for 2, 26 overs

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Catch of the Tournament? Dale Steyn You Beauty

#SouthAfrica v #Pakistan
7th Mar 2015

#DaleSteyn has produced the catch of the tournament.
What a stunning catch out of nowhere....

Pakistan were off to a steady start through #AhmedShehzad and #Sarfaraz.
Both had blunted out the morning swing and the SA seamers weren't able to induce any breakthroughs. They were certainly concerned.

Then out of nowhere this happened.
#KyleAbbott got Shehzad to flick one in the air over #midwicket
Everyone thought it had clearly flown over the fielder for a #boundary.
Steyn patrolling the area swooped in and produced a stunning one handed dive.
Absolute stunner .... SA players swooped on him like footballers celebrate a goal.

Absolute beauty .. sight to behold.

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CWC 2015 LIVE - SA Win Toss - Pak To Bat

#SouthAfrica v #Pakistan, #EdenPark, #Auckland
7th Mar 2015

South Africa have won the toss and inserted Pakistan into bat.
This is the same pitch where the #Aus v #NewZealand classic unfolded last week. The morning swing conditions seems to have influenced that decision.
Also, teams chasing here do better than ones batting first.

This could be a blessing in disguise for Pakistan because they are particularly not good at chasing.
One positive change they've made. #Sarfaraz, the specialist #wicketkeeper, has been brought in place of #Jamshid. He will open the batting innings. Going by his reputation, this could be a positive move.

Game started

#Cricket #Live #Score
Pakistan: 20 for 0, 6.2 overs.
#Sarfaraz -10*
#Shehzad - 8*

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Wednesday 4 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Misbah Special Pushes Pak To Massive Score v UAE

#Pak v #UAE, #Napier

#MisbahUlHaq produced a special knock to infuse life in the Pak innings.
Pegged back during the #Batting #Powerplay, the Pak skipper unleashed his fury on the UAE bowlers.

He, along with #SohaibMaqsood, launched into the UAE dibbly seamers and spinners all over the park. Umar Akmal smote the ball around for a while too.

#WahabRiaz and #ShahidAfridi provided some lusty blows at the end to ensure Pak ended on a commanding note.

#Guruge was the best bowler for #UAE scalping 40 wickets for 56 in 8 overs.

#LIVE #Score
Pak: 339 for 6 in 50 overs

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CWC 2015 LIVE - UAE Pulls It Back In Powerplay v Pak

#Pak v #UAE, #Napier
4th Mar 2015

UAE have pulled things back in the #Batting #Powerplay by picking up the two set batsmen #Sohail and #Shehzad. To top it up, they conceded only 29 runs in those 5 overs. Double whammy...

Pakistan's plans to smash runs the powerplay have backfired big time.
They had hoped to score atleast 50 in this powerplay so they could thrust the score in the final 15 overs. As it stands, they need to rebuild again...

The idea to take the powerplay in the 31st over was a good one, but not able to convert it into something substantial.

#MisbahUlHaq and #SohaibMaqsood at the crease

#LIVE #Score
Pak: 185 for 3, 36 overs

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Century Partnership Drives Pakistan v UAE

#Pak v #UAE, #Napier
4th Mar 2015

Good fifties from #AhmedShehzad and #HarisSohail is driving Pakistan towards a strong total against UAE in their Pool B clash. They need to. They have to post a big win today to improve their #NRR as they jostle to move up the Pool positioning.

#Shehzad and #Haris started slowly but have gotten into the groove now.
Need to push on and up the run rate big time. They have stroke makers in the waiting ... #UmarAkmal, #SohaibMaqsood and #ShahidAfridi can go ballistic in the last 10 overs.

#LIVE #Score
Pak: 148 For 1
30 overs
Shehzad -
Haris -

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Excellent Start For Pak v UAE

#Pakistan v#UAE, #Napier
4th Mar 2015

Paki batting first v UAE.

Pakistan's best start of the tournament thus far!
Very refreshing to see Pak's top order taking responsibility to lay foundation for a big score. More refreshing to see youngsters #HarisSohail and #AhmedShehzad take responsibility.

#LIVE #Score
Pak 109 for 1 in 24.3 overs
Sohail - 48*
Shehzad - 52*

#NasirJamshid's woeful form continues. He was dismissed for a third time trying to pull a non existent shot. Pak need a rethink for that opening slot.

UAE have bowled well though. They are being disciplined enough.

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Sunday 1 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Pak Score 235 For 7 v Zim

#Pak v #Zim, #GABBA, #Brisbane
1st March 2015

Owing to a very solid and patient 73 by #skipper #MisbahUlHaq and a rapid fire 54 by #WahabRiaz, Pakistan have scored a somewhat respectable 235 for 7 in their 50 overs. #UmarAkmal's 33 provided good support in building that score. 

The Zimbabwe bowling and fielding were disciplined unlike their previous games where they went for plenty in the last few overs. Although they dropped a few chances at the end stages, they will be pretty happy with their overall performance to restrict Pak to that score. Chatara and Williams being their key wicket bowlers.

Will they chase it? Will all depend on their opening batsmen and how Pak bowlers defend that score!

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Pak Losing Way v Zim

#Pakistan v #Zimbabwe, #GABBA, #Brisbane
1st Mar 2015

Pakistan are losing way setting up a total against Zimbabwe.
It seemed as if #MisbahUlHaq and #UmarAkmal had steadied things for them in the middle after a horrendous start.

However, #SeanWilliams produced two beauties to bowl #UmarAkmal and #ShahidAfridi in one over to tilt the scales back in Zimbabwe's favour.

#LIVE #Cricket #Score - Pak 141 for 5 in 37 overs

Misbah and Sohaib Maqsood at the crease.

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CWC 2015 LIVE - Bad Start For Pak Again v Zim

#Pak v #Zim, #GABBA, #Brisbane
1st Mar 2015

Whats happening here??

Pakistan are off to a bad start yet again, this time against Zimbabwe
They are 4 for 2 in 3 overs.

#NasirJamshid caught at square leg for 0
#AhmedShehzad caught behind for 0

Can #MisbahUlHaq inspire them and turn things around for them, like #ImranKhan did for them in 1992? Remains to be seen... Currently, he is in the middle trying to bring things back on track!

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