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Friday 20 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Clinical Australia Restrict Pakistan to 213

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

Pakistan batsmen have dug themselves a hole alright!
But, the clinical efficiency shown by the Australian bowlers and fielders ensured Pak never came back in the game. Everytime a partnership developed, #MichaelClarke found a bowler to snuff it out.

#JoshHazlewood led the attack with 4 wickets followed by #MitchellStarc and #GlennMaxwell with 2 each. #JamesFaulkner and #MitchellJohnson took a wicket each. Wickets shared around, fielding was superb and overall a thoroughly professional performance.

For Pakistan, it was again a case of unknown entity syndrome.
Today they just came into the game trying to belt everything out of the ground and dug a hole for themselves. Eerily similar to how Sri Lanka imploded against South Africa.

Now its on the Pak bowlers to defend 213.
Can they do it? or Australia will just finish this off in a hurry..

Pak: 213 all out, 49.5 overs

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