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Tuesday 24 March 2015

CWC15 - Anderson Runout Missed By ABD, Match Swings NZ Way

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

The match on a knife's edge, both teams looking for the one opportunity to push forward and it comes South Africa's way.

What are #GrantElliot and #CoreyAnderson doing?
Have they not seen they horrendous Guptill-Taylor mixup?
And they try to repeat that and almost succeed!
Well, they failed in that attempt helped by SA skipper #ABdeVilliers.

A straight forward throw from David Miller with Anderson miles out his crease.
AB covered the stumps well, but in a rush of blood broke the stumps with his hands, ball on the ground. He could have also picked up the stump and ball in one hand but his momentum carried him forward and enabled to Anderson to jog back into his crease (he had given up...)

What an opportunity missed! 
Will they get another one? 
Its getting closer and tighter.. 
At the moment, its New Zealand's game to win or lose.

NA 219 for 4, 34 overs
Need another 79 runs from 54 balls

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