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Tuesday 24 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Is Guptill Runout The Game Changer? SA Back With Purpose

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

How do you define self destruction?
Watch this piece from #MartinGuptill and #RossTaylor running between wickets.
Yes, No, No, Yes, Go .... OUT ..... Martin Guptill run out by over 2 metres!

Shoddy running and big miscommunication leads to an easy wicket for South Africa. Just when both of them had steadied the ship and looking to steady platform for the final push, this happened.

Ross Taylor, pushed this to point, called for a run, stopped. Then Guptill called and stopped. Finally, they decided to go for the run but too late. #HashimAmla swooped on the ball and passed onto #deKock who whipped the bails with Guptill miles out.

Amazing reactions
 - Ross Taylor distraught at the other end and under immense pressure to take his team through.
 - Tahir ecstatic
 - SA team swoop into a huddle and they are back big time in this game!

NZ: 148 for 3, 21 overs 

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