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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Great Start For Aus, Kiwis Show Intensity

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

After a minor hiccup upfront (#AaronFinch spooned c and b Boult), #DavidWarner has decided to run riot in this chase smashing boundaries and taking the Kiwi bowlers ON.

Kiwis tried everything to break his partnership with #StevenSmith but he raced away hitting boundaries to Boult, Southee and Henry.

He edged one to second slip but it was just removed a ball earlier and he scored a boundary there. It was all going for him, but #MarkHenry induced a false pull shot to claim his wicket at a time when the game was beginning to slip away.

NZ have regrouped again and put fierce pressure on #MichaelClarke with a 7-2 field.
His edge flew through the two short covers.

SteveSmith was even luckier. His inside edge hit the stumps but didn't dislodge the bails. 

A lot happening at the MCG. But, still Asutralia's game to win.
Kiwis are going to need something special to pull back this one!

NZ: 183 all out
Aus: 69 for 2, 15 overs

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