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Monday 23 March 2015

CWC15 - Battle Of Big Game Chokers - NZ vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

Who will blink first? or who will choke?

The proverbial choker tag has been associated with South Africans for over two decades now.

Their tale of misfortune started with the (ironically) 1992 world cup semi final at #SCG (fortunately they are not playing there this time around .. that should be a relief!) when the idiotic rain rule robbed them a chance to advance to the finals (Remember the 22 runs of 1 ball scenario?). That was unfortunate and no fault of theirs. What followed after that has been inexplicable till date.

1996 - Starting as clear favorites to lift the title, they triumphed in all their league games before running into a rampant Brian Lara and West Indies in the quarterfinals. Chasing a moderate 264, they collapsed to 219 all out crashing out of the cup.

1999 - Once again, started as clear favorites to lift the trophy. What happened in the semi finals at Birmingham against Australia is part of cricketing legend. 1 run to win in 4 balls and Kluesener-Donald mixup botched their run chase and place in the world cup finals

2003 - At home and once again top contenders to win, they messed it up against Sri Lanka in their last group game. In a rain interrupted match, they needed one run to stay ahead of SL on the Duckworth Lewis method. What happened? They read the D/L scores incorrectly and played out the decisive delivery without scoring a run! Result? SA out, SL moved to super six stage

2007 - No choking here. They were strangled by Australia in the semis through a Matthew Hayden century and folded meekly.

2011 - Choking revisited. From a strong position chasing NZ score, they capitulated once again to lose the game.

What about New Zealand?
They are no less chokers. 
They have reached the World Cup semifinals on 6 ocassions losing each of them.
1975 lost to WI
1979 lost to Eng
1992 lost to Pak
1999 lost to Pak
2007 lost to SL
2011 lost to SL

This is going to be one hell of a contest considering their history at the World Cups.
One team will erase those past demons. Which one will that be? 
Will McCullum win at home? or AB Devilliers bring glory to SA cricket?  
Match begins in a short while..

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