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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Kiwis Fightback Through Elliott Taylor Partnership

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

#GrantElliott has walked in with purpose and continued from his amazing performance vs SA in the semi final. He has brought life back into this deflated NZ innings and taking the attack to the Australians.

A moment spurred that intent.
#GlennMaxwell spun a delivery, rapped him on the pads, appealed and was given out by umpire Dharmasena. He and Taylor consulted, took the umpire's review and won it in his favour Decision reversed. 

Since then he has relaxed and playing very freely rubbing that attitude on the struggling Taylor too. He's just completed his 50 and the partnership seems to be gaining momentum. 

121 for 3 in 30 overs

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