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Friday 20 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Loose Shots Derail Pak After Steady Batting vs Aus

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

A good consolidation period by #Misbah and #Sohail where they steadied things and put Pak on track to a good score. Then suddenly things changed.

In search of wickets, #Clarke brought in #Maxwell for another over to lure #Misbah to go over midwicket (he had already deposited two sixes off Maxwell earlier). He fell to the bait and could not contain his urge to go for another one and holed out to mid-wicket. Surprising shot considering his experience, stage of the match and considering all hard work was done already to steady the ship.

After this dismissal, it was #HarisSohail who had to take responsibility to bat through having settled down. What does he do? He wafts at a harmless delivery outside off to be caught behind.

The poor shot display didn't stop here. #UmarAkmal came in, played some fabulous shots and then .... pulled a rank long hop from Maxwell down mid-wicket's throat. O dear!

From 97 for 2, they were reduced to 124 for 5 through poor batting.
Australia wont mind this one bit. They haven't looked incisive but theie gambles have paid off thus far. 

Boom Boom Afridi at the crease, made a statement through some lusty hitting. But with him you can always hope he stays there for the next ball. And he didnt. He too pulled one straight to mid-wicket.
158 for 6 now.

#SohaibMaqsood has #WahabRiaz for company. 
Can they take Pak to 250? They need that minimum to give their       

Pak: 158 for 6, 34 overs

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