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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Starc Wins Battle Vs McCullum, Bowled For Nought

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

What a start to this BIG #CWC15 final!!

Battle within battle - #Starc vs #McCullum upfront.
McCullum decides to attack Starc from ball 1
Swing and a miss
Swing and a miss
Bowled 'im - Off stump castled by a peach of a yorker.

McCullum out for nought, facing just three balls.
Starc's stunning consistency with the ball continues.
He is ecstatic, his team is jubilliant, the #MCG erupts.

Huge blow for New Zealand.
They have to quickly regroup and start over again.

#MartinGuptill and #KaneWilliamson at the crease.
#Starc on the move. He's probing and probing for wickets.

NZ: 22 for 1, 6 overs

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