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Tuesday 24 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - NZ v SA - Quick Wickets Push Semifinal On The Edge

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

A couple of quick wickets has pushed this game on the edge.

#CoreyAnderson's skied one from Morkel where #FafDuPlessis hung onto a steepler of a chance.

#LukeRonchi then pulled one down mid wicket's throat to make things very interesting.

#GrantElliot, the mainstay of the NZ batting almost ran himself out but for a miss from the wicketkeeper to collect the ball.

Wow, this is a cliff hanger!
A game worthy of being a World Cup Semifinal... 

NZ: 24 runs to win in 14 balls
274 for 6

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