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Wednesday 25 March 2015

CWC15 - Elliott Heroics Pull Off Dramatic Win For NZ vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

#GrantElliott couldn't have chosen a better day to demonstrate why he was picked up in the New Zealand squad for #CWC15. At 36, he was already on the wane when a surprise call up to the Kiwi squad had raised everyone's eyebrows and questions. Well ... all those questions were answered today.

When he walked in to bat NZ had just lost #MartinGuptill to a needless runout and SA sniffed half a chance to stage a comeback. Shortly after, #RossTaylor edged one behind off #JPDuminy to put further pressure on the Kiwi middle order. frankly they werent tested enough in the competition thus far. This was different though. World Cup semi final, a highly pumped SA super bowling attack made life very tough out there.

#CoreyAnderson joined him and together they set out task to rebuild the innings and buidl solid platfrom for a late dash at the target. They did it beautifully mixing caution with aggression to keep within touching distance. Their century partnership laid a solid foundation for the Kiwis to move ahead in the game.

As things got tense, Anderson holed out to square leg, #LukeRonchi holed out to midwicket, Elliott runout was missed, his skier was spilled on the deep square leg fence... thats it .. he may have felt. This was his day and he made most of it. 

In the end, with 5 in 2 balls, he planted #DaleSteyn over the long on boundary to complete an exhilarating, thrilling and ever-so-close win. New Zealand qualified for the finals (for the first time in 10 attempts) where they await either India or Australia (2nd Semifinal, SCG on 26th Mar 2015)

Extraordinary scenes of jubilation and sorrow.
SA gutted, NZ overjoyed .. 

SA: 281 for 5, 43 overs
NZ: 299 for 6, 42.5 overs (target revised to 297 - D/L system)

Man of the Match: #GrantElliott

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - NZ v SA - Quick Wickets Push Semifinal On The Edge

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

A couple of quick wickets has pushed this game on the edge.

#CoreyAnderson's skied one from Morkel where #FafDuPlessis hung onto a steepler of a chance.

#LukeRonchi then pulled one down mid wicket's throat to make things very interesting.

#GrantElliot, the mainstay of the NZ batting almost ran himself out but for a miss from the wicketkeeper to collect the ball.

Wow, this is a cliff hanger!
A game worthy of being a World Cup Semifinal... 

NZ: 24 runs to win in 14 balls
274 for 6

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CWC15 - Anderson Runout Missed By ABD, Match Swings NZ Way

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

The match on a knife's edge, both teams looking for the one opportunity to push forward and it comes South Africa's way.

What are #GrantElliot and #CoreyAnderson doing?
Have they not seen they horrendous Guptill-Taylor mixup?
And they try to repeat that and almost succeed!
Well, they failed in that attempt helped by SA skipper #ABdeVilliers.

A straight forward throw from David Miller with Anderson miles out his crease.
AB covered the stumps well, but in a rush of blood broke the stumps with his hands, ball on the ground. He could have also picked up the stump and ball in one hand but his momentum carried him forward and enabled to Anderson to jog back into his crease (he had given up...)

What an opportunity missed! 
Will they get another one? 
Its getting closer and tighter.. 
At the moment, its New Zealand's game to win or lose.

NA 219 for 4, 34 overs
Need another 79 runs from 54 balls

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CWC15 LIVE - Is Guptill Runout The Game Changer? SA Back With Purpose

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

How do you define self destruction?
Watch this piece from #MartinGuptill and #RossTaylor running between wickets.
Yes, No, No, Yes, Go .... OUT ..... Martin Guptill run out by over 2 metres!

Shoddy running and big miscommunication leads to an easy wicket for South Africa. Just when both of them had steadied the ship and looking to steady platform for the final push, this happened.

Ross Taylor, pushed this to point, called for a run, stopped. Then Guptill called and stopped. Finally, they decided to go for the run but too late. #HashimAmla swooped on the ball and passed onto #deKock who whipped the bails with Guptill miles out.

Amazing reactions
 - Ross Taylor distraught at the other end and under immense pressure to take his team through.
 - Tahir ecstatic
 - SA team swoop into a huddle and they are back big time in this game!

NZ: 148 for 3, 21 overs 

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CWC15 LIVE - NZ Ahead At The First Drinks Break In Chase Of 298

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

Inspite of losing #BrendonMcCullum and #KaneWilliamson in quick succession, the #Kiwis are ahead in this semifinal match vs South Africa.

McCullum's stunning 59 from 26 balls set the tone for the runchase.
But #MorneMorkel struck twice to dismiss both the skipper and his deputy to pull things back.

Double centurion from previous game #MartinGuptill and #RossTaylor are at the crease and steadying things for New Zealand.

A fascinating mid and end game in the offing.
Don't go anywhere! 

NZ: (Chasing a revised D/L target of 298) 102 for 2 in 12 overs.

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CWC15 LIVE - Blazing Kiwi Start Evens The Contest vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

The start to a stiff run chase couldn't have been better!
#BrendonMcCullum has come out with a purpose and boy! has he started well?

He's just completed his 50 in 22 balls.
Just the kind of start needed to get that chase going...

He has torn into the world's premier fast bowler #DaleSteyn.
The 5th over bowled by him has gone for

#ABDevilliers needs to look at options.
How about #ImranTahir? or #JPDuminy?
Need to change the pace and speed of this game.
Currently, the Kiwis are using all the bowlers' pace. Need to slow it down... 

SA: 281 for 5 (43 overs)
NZ: 71 for 0 (6 overs, Target: 298)

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CWC15 - David Miler Gem Pushes SA To Challenging Total vs NZ

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

#DavidMiller has come, has seen and has conquered the Eden Park with an awesome innings that has propelled SA to a very challenging score against New Zealand in the first semifinal at #CWC15.

#FafduPlessis was out the first ball he faced after resumption and that pegged SA back.

But Miller walked in and walked out with a dominant innings of strokeplay and immense timing. So much so, that his skipper deVilliers let go a few running opportunities to keep Miller on strike!

A stunning 49 in 18 deliveries has just shifted the game in SA's favor a bit.

Kiwis need 298 (adjusted according to D/L method) to win this match and the Proteas' bowlers will go all out against them. Looks pretty interesting this and runs on the board for SA will make them slight favorites!

SA: 281 for 5, 43 overs (43 overs a side)

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CWC15 LIVE - AB and Faf On The Charge vs NZ - Semifinal

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

After Rossouw and Faf duPlessis steadied their ship, #ABDevilliers has come in and shifted gears already. He is pushing the accelerator to post a big score to put any pressure on the strong NZ batting line up in the second innings. In the meanwhile, Faf duPlessis has completed a well composed 50 and looking good to go three figures.

New Zealand skipper #BrendonMcCullum is still trying to attack and get wickets. He's keeping fielders in attacking positions to snap the prized wicket of AB or Faf to get into their lower middle order.

Match on a knife's edge at the moment.
Who will seize the initiative? Will Boult and company stop the SA charge? or AB-Faf partnership will take it away from the Kiwis? 

Fascinating play coming up, especially the batting powerplay round the corner will make it really interesting!

SA: 175 for 3, 34 overs
#duPlessis - 68*
#deVilliers - 33*

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CWC15 LIVE - SA Regain Foothold - duPlessis and Rossouw Partnership vs NZ

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

#FafduPlessis and #RileeRossouw have steadied the SA ship.
After huge pressure upfront and quick wickets of Amla and deKock, SA had pulled things back with this partnership. 

Slowly and steadily, they have seized initiative from the #Kiwis and progressing well.
Platform is well set for the explosive middle and late order to take over (deVilliers, Miller and Duminy). 

Match on an even keel.
Who will blink first?

SA: 113 for 2, 26 overs
#Roussow - 39*
#duPlessis - 42* 

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CWC15 LIVE - Lighting Boult Strikes Twice - ODI or Test Match - SA vs NZ

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

#TrentBoult bowling with 5 slips!! This has a test match feel

"Lightning" Boult has struck twice for New Zealand against South Africa.
His speed, line, bounce, swing has troubled all SA batsmen thus far.
After a couple of dropped catches, he has picked two wickets deservedly.

First he castled #HashimAmla through an inside edge on a delivery that swung sharply.

He had #QuintonDeKock hopping and edging around. Sensing immense pressure, deKock charged at Boult and spooned a simple catch to third man.

#FafDuPlessis and #RileeRossouw at the crease.
You can feel the intensity out there. Lot of needle. Not an inch given, not an inch taken ... fabulous start!

SA: 43 for 2, 12 overs

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CWC15 LIVE - 3 overs, 2 drops, 1 wicket already - A lot of nerves - SA vs NZ

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

What a cracking "nervy" start to the first semi final!

3 overs into the contest, we've had everything
Aggressive fast bowling, nervous batsmen, edges flying all over, catches dropped and finally a wicket! Its all happening at the #EdenPark. Wow! Game on .. big time!

SA: 21 for 1, 3.3 overs
#HashimAmla - b. #TrentBoult -10 
#QuintonDeKock - 11*

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CWC15 LIVE - SA Win Toss Elect to Bat First In First Semifinal

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

In a tense battle of nerves, South Africa have won the toss and elected to bat first.
Good toss to win for the Proteas. Bat first, get a score on board and put pressure on the other team.

One change in each side.

South Africa - #VernonPhilander comes in for #KyleAbbott (feel for him. He's bowled well in every game he's played) 

New Zealand -  #MattHenry comes in  #AdamMilne (surprising to put a completely new bowler in the fold. Something what Sri Lanka tried to surprise the opposition?)

History beckons both sides.
The winner will enter a world cup final for the first time ever in their history.
Does it get bigger than this?

Let the match begin!

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Monday 23 March 2015

CWC15 - Battle Of Big Game Chokers - NZ vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

Who will blink first? or who will choke?

The proverbial choker tag has been associated with South Africans for over two decades now.

Their tale of misfortune started with the (ironically) 1992 world cup semi final at #SCG (fortunately they are not playing there this time around .. that should be a relief!) when the idiotic rain rule robbed them a chance to advance to the finals (Remember the 22 runs of 1 ball scenario?). That was unfortunate and no fault of theirs. What followed after that has been inexplicable till date.

1996 - Starting as clear favorites to lift the title, they triumphed in all their league games before running into a rampant Brian Lara and West Indies in the quarterfinals. Chasing a moderate 264, they collapsed to 219 all out crashing out of the cup.

1999 - Once again, started as clear favorites to lift the trophy. What happened in the semi finals at Birmingham against Australia is part of cricketing legend. 1 run to win in 4 balls and Kluesener-Donald mixup botched their run chase and place in the world cup finals

2003 - At home and once again top contenders to win, they messed it up against Sri Lanka in their last group game. In a rain interrupted match, they needed one run to stay ahead of SL on the Duckworth Lewis method. What happened? They read the D/L scores incorrectly and played out the decisive delivery without scoring a run! Result? SA out, SL moved to super six stage

2007 - No choking here. They were strangled by Australia in the semis through a Matthew Hayden century and folded meekly.

2011 - Choking revisited. From a strong position chasing NZ score, they capitulated once again to lose the game.

What about New Zealand?
They are no less chokers. 
They have reached the World Cup semifinals on 6 ocassions losing each of them.
1975 lost to WI
1979 lost to Eng
1992 lost to Pak
1999 lost to Pak
2007 lost to SL
2011 lost to SL

This is going to be one hell of a contest considering their history at the World Cups.
One team will erase those past demons. Which one will that be? 
Will McCullum win at home? or AB Devilliers bring glory to SA cricket?  
Match begins in a short while..

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Friday 27 February 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Where Are My Shoes? Amla

#SA v #WI at #SCG
27th Feb 2015

A funny incident happened at the SCG during the SA batting innings.

#HashimAmla flicked one of the pads to midwicket and set off for a run.
In the process, he stepped on one of his shoe and it came off. He limped over to the other end since it was a comfortable single.

#FafDuPlessis at the other end saw the funny side of it, smiled, picked up the shoe and handed it over to him. Some fun ...


CWC 2015 LIVE - SA Win Toss, Elect To Bat v WI

#SouthAfrica v #WestIndies , #SCG
27th Feb 2015

#ABDevilliers, the SA captain has won the toss and decided to bat first at the picturesque #SCG. He talked about being embarrassed against India at MCG and took time away from the game.

AB also emphasized that the #toss isn't something in your control, you need to bat or bowl well first/second to win the World Cup.

#Jason Holder looked sad at losing the toss but mentioned bowling well upfront and capturing wickets to restrict the Proteas to a 250 odd score.

Let the game begin...

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Thursday 26 February 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Battle Of Nerves - SA v WI

#SouthAfrica v #WestIndies, #SCG
27th Feb 2015

In an exciting Pool A match, South Africa will take on West Indies at the classical Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in a short while. 

This game has attained far more importance than anticipated before start of the tournament.
The Proteas had a nightmare outing against India on Sunday at the MCG where they lost by a whopping 130 runs. Their first game win against minnows #Zimbabwe wasn't very convincing either. Being tagged as frontrunners for the world cup crown, their performance has been far from expected and hence they are under tremendous pressure to win this game and get their confidence back. Ireland's emergence as a #darkhorse in this group has made it even more interesting in this pool. 

West Indies on the other hand are on a upswing. #ChrisGayle's storm against Zimbabwe a couple of days ago will have brought renewed enthusiasm and vigour in the Windies camp. They also won comprehensively against #Pakistan before that. These two wins have overshadowed their shock defeat to #Ireland in their opening game.

The match promises to be a real big one and we should now start seeing the big teams pull out some thrillers in a bid to reach the next stages of the world cup. Coupled to that, the venue, SCG, is just right to deliver a cracker of a game.

All the best to both teams

Players to Watch
South Africa
 - A B Devilliers
 - Faf Du Plessis
 - David Miller
 - Dale Steyn
 - Imran Tahir

West Indies
 - Chris Gayle
 - Marlon Samuels
 - Darren Bravo
 - Jerome Taylor
 - Suleiman Benn

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Sunday 22 February 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - SA Brilliance - Rohit Sharma Run Out

#India v #SouthAfrica, #MCG #Live #Score
22nd Feb 2015

South African brilliance to the fore right at the start...

#ABDevilliers has just run #Rohit Sharma out with an absolute ripper of a #direct #hit from mid wicket. #India has to mind their running between wickets against SA. Otherwise they will hurt you badly.

Great start with some needle...
5 overs, 10 runs, 1 wicket.
Both teams jostling for pole position!

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Thursday 19 February 2015

CWC 2015 - India v South Africa At The MCG on 22nd Feb 2015

‪#‎Ind‬ v ‪#‎Pak‬ done and dusted, India now take on ‪#‎SouthAfrica‬ in another scorcher of a league match on 22nd Feb 2015. 

Another #SuperSunday in the offing for #cricket fans! ‪#‎CWC2015‬ ‪#‎India‬ v ‪#‎SA‬ (‪#‎Proteas‬) at the ‪#‎MCG‬
India are down 0-3 in head to head ties against #SA in ‪#‎CWC‬ tournaments.

Is this their
 ‪#‎Mauka‬ to set the equation straight?
1992 - lost by 8 wickets
1999 - lost by 4 wickets
2011 - lost by 2 wickets
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