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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Clinical Aussies Decimate Kiwis - 183 All Out

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

From a seemingly good position, NZ slumped from 150 for 3 in 30 overs to 183 all out in 44.5 overs.
Australian bowlers and fielders stepped up the plate and produced fantastic spells to blow the Kiwi middle and lower orders.

The bowling spells by the Australians speak for themselves
#MitchellStarc - 2 wickets
#MitchellJohnson - 3 wickets
#JamesFaulkner - 3 wickets
#GlennMaxwell - 1 wickets

#GrantElliott was the only NZ batsman that put up a brave show with 83 off 82 balls.

Can the Kiwis defend this? They have the fire power but do they have the intent now after this poor batting show. Did they crack under the occasion? or the Aussies were just too good?

The next one hour will be an indicator of how the match goes.
Just feel, there is another twist somewhere. Dont count these Kiwis out, just yet! 

NZ: 183 all out, 44.5 overs

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LIVE - Quick Wickets In Powerplay Put Australia On Top Again

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

#JamesFaulkner has turned the game back in Australia's favor in the batting powerplay.

After 35 overs, NZ were comfortably placed at 150 for 3 and looking to unleash in the last 15.
Taylor and Elliott looking good and established would have hoped to push on but Faulkner had different plans.

35.1 - A slower one outside off, Taylor stretching to push it through cover, takes an edge and caught behind. There was some confusion whether the ball bounced off the bat or went to Haddin's gloves on the bounce? The third umpire confirmed, it was a valid catch.

35.2 - #CoreyAnderson blocked his first delivery.

35.3 - Ball swings outside Anderson's edge and knocks off stump out of the ground.

Then #MitchellStarc got into action and got another one

36.2 - Outside off, fish and catch at first slip.

From 150 for 3, NZ slumped to 151 for 6.
Extraordinary comeback from Australia.

#GrantElliott has to herald this NZ innings now with help of the bowlers starting with #DanielVettori. Exciting last 10 overs to start now.

NZ: 165 for 6, 40 overs

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LIVE - Kiwis Fightback Through Elliott Taylor Partnership

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

#GrantElliott has walked in with purpose and continued from his amazing performance vs SA in the semi final. He has brought life back into this deflated NZ innings and taking the attack to the Australians.

A moment spurred that intent.
#GlennMaxwell spun a delivery, rapped him on the pads, appealed and was given out by umpire Dharmasena. He and Taylor consulted, took the umpire's review and won it in his favour Decision reversed. 

Since then he has relaxed and playing very freely rubbing that attitude on the struggling Taylor too. He's just completed his 50 and the partnership seems to be gaining momentum. 

121 for 3 in 30 overs

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LIVE - Australia All Over New Zealand 55 for 3 in 17 overs

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

Australia well and truly on top here at the MCG in the big #CWC15 final 
They have NZ in all kinds of trouble.

After Starc castled McCullum in the very first over for nought, the pressure has never relented.

#GlennMaxwell bowled #MartinGuptill with an innocuous delivery.
Bad shot selection after he had done all the hard work of seeing the new ball away and getting himself in.

#MitchellJohnson, not to be left behind, caught and bowled the struggling #KaneWilliamson to put Australia well and truly on top.

#RossTaylor and #GrantElliott at the crease and they need to rebuild. 

NZ: 70 for 3, 21 overs

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LIVE - Starc Wins Battle Vs McCullum, Bowled For Nought

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

What a start to this BIG #CWC15 final!!

Battle within battle - #Starc vs #McCullum upfront.
McCullum decides to attack Starc from ball 1
Swing and a miss
Swing and a miss
Bowled 'im - Off stump castled by a peach of a yorker.

McCullum out for nought, facing just three balls.
Starc's stunning consistency with the ball continues.
He is ecstatic, his team is jubilliant, the #MCG erupts.

Huge blow for New Zealand.
They have to quickly regroup and start over again.

#MartinGuptill and #KaneWilliamson at the crease.
#Starc on the move. He's probing and probing for wickets.

NZ: 22 for 1, 6 overs

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LIVE - New Zealand Win Toss, Bat First In the Big Final vs Australia

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

What a day!
What a huge toss in the BIG final...

.... and New Zealand have won it.
#BrendonMcCullum called "Heads" and the coin spun to "Heads" and without hesitation he decided to bat first. A good wicket, get runs on the board and put Australia under pressure under lights in a run chase. WOW! This is amazing..

Aussie skipper, #MichaelClarke, who just announced his retirement from ODIs after this world cup will look to make this a memorable last hurrah. His team owes him one! And if there is one team that can chase wonderfully, its Australia. So, its a great toss for NZ to win and bat first.

Both teams going with unchanged squads for this game.

Look forward to the Starc vs McCullum and Johnson vs Guptill duel upfront.
No rain threats, beautiful weather ,,. Lets rock n roll!

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Final - Man to Man Comparison Between Aus And NZ

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

Very little to choose from when you compare the probable 11 players from each side, man to man.
Take a look

Aus v NZ

David Warner vs Brendon McCullum (Explosive openers both. McCullum has edge on form)
Aaron Finch vs Martin Guptill (Attacking openers. Guptill ahead on form)
Steven Smith vs  Kane Williamson (both vice captains and solid technique. Smith ahead on form)
Michael Clarke vs Ross Taylor (Clarke far ahead in terms of technique, but same levels on form) 
Shane Watson vs Grant Elliott (Struggled earlier in the tournament but getting their bearings and acts at the right moment now. Even out each other)
Glenn Maxwell vs Corey Anderson (Explosion guaranteed. Maxwell destructive but Anderson is constructive. Even out each other)

Brad Haddin vs Luke Ronchi (Can tonk the ball around, not much ooportunities for both so far, Haddin slightly ahead on experience)

Josh Hazlewood v  Mark Henry (Newcomers - even out each other)
MitchellJohnson vs Tim Southee (Speedy with the ball, Handy with the bat - Johnson slightly ahead)
Mitchell Starc vs Trent Boult (Super speed, swing and control - Even out each other)
James Faulkner vs Daniel Vettori (Cannot compare but Vettori way ahead in that spin department and can be the difference in NZ winning or losing this final)

Its amazing how close this is man to man.
Nothing much to choose from. Its all to play for at the #MCG.
Let the Trans-Tasman war begin...

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Saturday 28 March 2015

The Big Day - Aus v NZ - Who Will Win The World Cup?

Battle of the hosts for the coveted ‪#‎CWC15‬ crown

Who will prevail? 

Australia led by Pup Michael Clarke and formidable batting/bowling side 
New Zealand led by the charismatic Brendon McCullum and his pack of hungry tigers?

How does it look?
- Home advantage to Aus while form advantage to NZ
- Bowling - NZ superior due to overall balance (spin + seam)

- Batting - Australia slightly superior overall
- Fielding - At par, 
- Match winners - at par
- Captains - McCullum slight edge over Clarke on individual form

Will the #MCG pose a big challenge to the Kiwis? Remember they are the only team that has not played on Australian grounds in this #CWC15. Could that bring about their downfall? The New Zealand grounds are pale shadow of the Australian grounds in terms of their size, magnitude and imposing presence on the players. Kiwis have to contend with that on the biggest day of their cricketing careers. If they overcome that, they are in for a bull fight with the Aussies.

Will lack of quality spin hurt Australia? Remember, Australia were brilliantly thwarted at Eden Park by that magical spell from #DanielVettori when they seemed settled for a big one! #TrentBoult just nailed them later to dismiss them for 151. #RaviAshwin troubled them in the semis as well. This could just be Dan "the man" Vettori's day and his last hurrah for New Zealand. 

WOW.. the margins are so close! 


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Wednesday 25 March 2015

CWC15 - Elliott Heroics Pull Off Dramatic Win For NZ vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

#GrantElliott couldn't have chosen a better day to demonstrate why he was picked up in the New Zealand squad for #CWC15. At 36, he was already on the wane when a surprise call up to the Kiwi squad had raised everyone's eyebrows and questions. Well ... all those questions were answered today.

When he walked in to bat NZ had just lost #MartinGuptill to a needless runout and SA sniffed half a chance to stage a comeback. Shortly after, #RossTaylor edged one behind off #JPDuminy to put further pressure on the Kiwi middle order. frankly they werent tested enough in the competition thus far. This was different though. World Cup semi final, a highly pumped SA super bowling attack made life very tough out there.

#CoreyAnderson joined him and together they set out task to rebuild the innings and buidl solid platfrom for a late dash at the target. They did it beautifully mixing caution with aggression to keep within touching distance. Their century partnership laid a solid foundation for the Kiwis to move ahead in the game.

As things got tense, Anderson holed out to square leg, #LukeRonchi holed out to midwicket, Elliott runout was missed, his skier was spilled on the deep square leg fence... thats it .. he may have felt. This was his day and he made most of it. 

In the end, with 5 in 2 balls, he planted #DaleSteyn over the long on boundary to complete an exhilarating, thrilling and ever-so-close win. New Zealand qualified for the finals (for the first time in 10 attempts) where they await either India or Australia (2nd Semifinal, SCG on 26th Mar 2015)

Extraordinary scenes of jubilation and sorrow.
SA gutted, NZ overjoyed .. 

SA: 281 for 5, 43 overs
NZ: 299 for 6, 42.5 overs (target revised to 297 - D/L system)

Man of the Match: #GrantElliott

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - NZ v SA - Quick Wickets Push Semifinal On The Edge

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

A couple of quick wickets has pushed this game on the edge.

#CoreyAnderson's skied one from Morkel where #FafDuPlessis hung onto a steepler of a chance.

#LukeRonchi then pulled one down mid wicket's throat to make things very interesting.

#GrantElliot, the mainstay of the NZ batting almost ran himself out but for a miss from the wicketkeeper to collect the ball.

Wow, this is a cliff hanger!
A game worthy of being a World Cup Semifinal... 

NZ: 24 runs to win in 14 balls
274 for 6

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CWC15 - Anderson Runout Missed By ABD, Match Swings NZ Way

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

The match on a knife's edge, both teams looking for the one opportunity to push forward and it comes South Africa's way.

What are #GrantElliot and #CoreyAnderson doing?
Have they not seen they horrendous Guptill-Taylor mixup?
And they try to repeat that and almost succeed!
Well, they failed in that attempt helped by SA skipper #ABdeVilliers.

A straight forward throw from David Miller with Anderson miles out his crease.
AB covered the stumps well, but in a rush of blood broke the stumps with his hands, ball on the ground. He could have also picked up the stump and ball in one hand but his momentum carried him forward and enabled to Anderson to jog back into his crease (he had given up...)

What an opportunity missed! 
Will they get another one? 
Its getting closer and tighter.. 
At the moment, its New Zealand's game to win or lose.

NA 219 for 4, 34 overs
Need another 79 runs from 54 balls

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CWC15 LIVE - NZ Ahead At The First Drinks Break In Chase Of 298

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

Inspite of losing #BrendonMcCullum and #KaneWilliamson in quick succession, the #Kiwis are ahead in this semifinal match vs South Africa.

McCullum's stunning 59 from 26 balls set the tone for the runchase.
But #MorneMorkel struck twice to dismiss both the skipper and his deputy to pull things back.

Double centurion from previous game #MartinGuptill and #RossTaylor are at the crease and steadying things for New Zealand.

A fascinating mid and end game in the offing.
Don't go anywhere! 

NZ: (Chasing a revised D/L target of 298) 102 for 2 in 12 overs.

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CWC15 LIVE - Blazing Kiwi Start Evens The Contest vs SA

#NewZealand vs #SouthAfrica
24th Mar 2015

The start to a stiff run chase couldn't have been better!
#BrendonMcCullum has come out with a purpose and boy! has he started well?

He's just completed his 50 in 22 balls.
Just the kind of start needed to get that chase going...

He has torn into the world's premier fast bowler #DaleSteyn.
The 5th over bowled by him has gone for

#ABDevilliers needs to look at options.
How about #ImranTahir? or #JPDuminy?
Need to change the pace and speed of this game.
Currently, the Kiwis are using all the bowlers' pace. Need to slow it down... 

SA: 281 for 5 (43 overs)
NZ: 71 for 0 (6 overs, Target: 298)

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Saturday 21 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Guptill Double Ton Pulverises Windies

#NewZealand vs #WestIndies
21st Mar 2015

#MartinGuptill has changed from 2nd gear to 6th past his century.
His first hundred was steady, controlled to lay out a platform.
His second one, is a city of skyscrapers
He has just exploded and taken the Windies by the scruff of their neck.

Poor Windies! they are getting used to this now.
The Proteas pummelled them for 400+ at SCG and the way Kiwis and Guptill are going, that didn't seem too far away either. But, they did fall short off that mark by 7 runs! 

Wellington crowd is having a gala time enjoying the super entertainment.
Magnificent performance from Guptill!

NZ: 393 for 6, 50 overs
Guptill - 237*
Vettori - 8*

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CWC15 LIVE - Guptill Century Drives NZ vs WI

#NewZealand vs #WestIndies
21st Mar 2015

Riding his luck of a dropped chance early in his innings, #MartinGuptill has cashed in  big time (this has been a trend in this #CWC15 to score hundreds after dropped chances)

He's completed a superb century and looking good to take his bat through. He, along with Kiwi powerhitters (Taylor, Anderson, Ronchi), will now take centrestage at the backend of this innings to give this a big push towards 350.

The powerplay is already going NZ way. Guptill has unleashed big time with some awesome hitting against the seamers and spinners alike.

233 for 3, 39 overs
#Guptill - 145*
#Anderson - 0*

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CWC15 - NZ bat first, In Strong Position At Halfway Stage

#NewZealand vs #WestIndies
21st Mar 2015

New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first in their quarterfinal clash vs West Indies at Welllington.

#BrendonMcCullum started off in usual fashion bludgeoning boundaries upfront but was short lived.
Trying one too many he spooned a catch

NZ 28 for 1

#MartinGuptill at the other end was dropped by Marlon Samuels. A huge opportunity missed by the Windies to strangle the Kiwis upfront.

#KaneWilliamson, the steady No.3, came in and calmed things down and took control along with #MartinGuptill, who had steadied by then and looking to bat through the innings. Both put on a steady stand before Williamson push one from #Russel towards cover to #ChrisGayle who juggled a bit but held on to the simple chance.

NZ 89 for 2

#RossTaylor, getting back in some form in last two innings, joined Guptill and they brought some urgency in scoring. Both have steadied the ship and looking to unleash at the back end of the innings.  

West Indies bowling, looks mediocre, but they are in the game.
Interesting second half of the Kiwi innings in the offing with pinch hitters #CoreyAnderson and #LukeRochi waiting in the wings.  

New Zealand: 155 for 2, 29 overs
#MartinGuptill - 82*
#RossTaylor - 24*

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Sunday 8 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Afghanistan Set 187 For NZ To Win

#Afghanistan v #NewZealand, #Napier
8th Mar 2015

Afghanistan have given a good account of themselves against mighty New Zealand to score 186 in their stipulated overs.

Winning the toss and electing to bat, they were off to a disastrous start losing 6 wickets for 59. #TrentBoult and #DanielVettori the wreckers in chief.  It took a good partnership from #ShamiullahShenwari and #NajibullahZadran to pull them out of the rut. Both scored cautious fifities to give the Afghan total some respectability.

Dan Vettori was the champion was New Zealand claiming 4 wickets for 18 runs in his 10 overs. Boult supported him with 3 wickets.

NZ have started their innings in usual belligerence led by #BrendonMcCullum
He's smashed 42 in 19 balls before being bowled by #Nabi

#LIVE #Score
New Zealand: 89 for 1, 15 overs
#MartinGuptill - 26*
#KaneWilliamson - 19*

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