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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Clinical Aussies Decimate Kiwis - 183 All Out

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

From a seemingly good position, NZ slumped from 150 for 3 in 30 overs to 183 all out in 44.5 overs.
Australian bowlers and fielders stepped up the plate and produced fantastic spells to blow the Kiwi middle and lower orders.

The bowling spells by the Australians speak for themselves
#MitchellStarc - 2 wickets
#MitchellJohnson - 3 wickets
#JamesFaulkner - 3 wickets
#GlennMaxwell - 1 wickets

#GrantElliott was the only NZ batsman that put up a brave show with 83 off 82 balls.

Can the Kiwis defend this? They have the fire power but do they have the intent now after this poor batting show. Did they crack under the occasion? or the Aussies were just too good?

The next one hour will be an indicator of how the match goes.
Just feel, there is another twist somewhere. Dont count these Kiwis out, just yet! 

NZ: 183 all out, 44.5 overs

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