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Thursday 19 March 2015

CWC15 - Virat Kohli - Know Your Player

Virat likes to be in the center of things. Read More..
He likes to be admired and respected. If allowed to be in control of situations he will do wonders. He is an honest and well informed person others can safely rely on him for any kind of judgment. Love him or hate him you cannot ignore him.

Consciously or unconsciously he is committed to his game and wants to be the number one. His greatest challenge is self reliance. He needs to be confident and the way forward for him is to understand that as long as he relies on others for a sense of self worth he will not be in control of his life. He needs to go out and show his worth.

Luck is enhanced when he celebrates being who he is for only when he is comfortable with himself can he be confident in his skill and talents, attracting the luck and recognition he deserves.

If he is able to establish his sense of identity he will do tremendously well.

His Power Thought
“I am at the center of my world. What I think and feel matters”.

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