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Thursday 19 March 2015

CWC15 - MS Dhoni - Know Your Player

MS Dhoni is remarkable. His destiny is powerful.
His soaring imagination will cause him to support projects that seem unfeasible and then surprises and confuses everyone by showing that they are indeed feasible. The key to achieve the impossible is their rare combination of imagination and fierce determination.

The greatest challenge for him is dealing with criticism or rejection, the way forward for him is to take on board what is being said and learn from it. Criticism and rejection are simply stepping stones on the way to success.

He has to toughen up emotionally become more objective and realistic in his approach to the game play. He is truly ingenious and creative.

His luck maker is when he confronts something bigger and tougher than him the tough gets going if he trusts his intuitions he is in for a bigger role and happenings in life.

His Power Thought
‘”From now on I will look at every obstacle as an opportunity.”

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