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Monday 23 March 2015

CWC - From 1992 to 2015 - The 50 Over Format Has Thrived Inspite of T20 threats


We travel through the journey of cricket world cups from 1992 (Australia-NZ) to 2015 (Australia-NZ). The circle is completed. 6 tournaments in between, 4 champions crowned (Pak in 92, SL in 96, Aus thrice in 99, 03, 07 and Ind in 11)

Its been one heck of a journey for cricket in itself.
From colored clothing in 1992, to subcontinent flavour in 96.

The Lords gallery back in 99 to Africa safari of 2003
The Carribean Calyso magic of 2007 to Indian hot curry of 2011.

The advent of T20 post 2007 did shake up the 50 over format and many predicted its demise soon but it has stayed. Its like the test cricket of one dayers. There are highs and lows, time to recover, replan and make a final charge at your target .. the game has it all. 

The powerplays, field restrictions, bouncer rules, technology, heavy bats, two white balls from both ends have really upped the excitement and enthisiasm of 50 over cricket. It is here to stay ... well done #ICC.

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