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Friday 20 March 2015

CWC15 LIVE - Misbah Living A Charmed Life?

#Australia vs Pakistan
#Adelaide Oval
20th Mar 2015

After initial setbacks, Pakistan are looking at #Misbah to dig in and bail them out.
And lady luck seems to be smiling on him too...

Playing just his 4th delivery from #Hazlewood, the ball, moving down the legside, caught his thigh pad moved in, clipped the legstump, the bails popped up (both stumps and bails lit up beautifully) and back in the groove! Not out ... (bails need to fall down to count as OUT)

Everyone seemed animated. Australians appealed, umpires explained them the rules, Misbah was sheepishly looking at the whole thing.

Is this the break Pak needed in a huge game?
Only time will tell ... Misbah should think that way and pile on a big innings. Perhaps a century? (missing from his ODI resume)  

Pak: 50 for 2, 12.1 overs

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