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Sunday 29 March 2015

LIVE - Quick Wickets In Powerplay Put Australia On Top Again

#New Zealand vs #Australia
29th Mar 2015

#JamesFaulkner has turned the game back in Australia's favor in the batting powerplay.

After 35 overs, NZ were comfortably placed at 150 for 3 and looking to unleash in the last 15.
Taylor and Elliott looking good and established would have hoped to push on but Faulkner had different plans.

35.1 - A slower one outside off, Taylor stretching to push it through cover, takes an edge and caught behind. There was some confusion whether the ball bounced off the bat or went to Haddin's gloves on the bounce? The third umpire confirmed, it was a valid catch.

35.2 - #CoreyAnderson blocked his first delivery.

35.3 - Ball swings outside Anderson's edge and knocks off stump out of the ground.

Then #MitchellStarc got into action and got another one

36.2 - Outside off, fish and catch at first slip.

From 150 for 3, NZ slumped to 151 for 6.
Extraordinary comeback from Australia.

#GrantElliott has to herald this NZ innings now with help of the bowlers starting with #DanielVettori. Exciting last 10 overs to start now.

NZ: 165 for 6, 40 overs

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