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Saturday 7 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Catch of the Tournament? Dale Steyn You Beauty

#SouthAfrica v #Pakistan
7th Mar 2015

#DaleSteyn has produced the catch of the tournament.
What a stunning catch out of nowhere....

Pakistan were off to a steady start through #AhmedShehzad and #Sarfaraz.
Both had blunted out the morning swing and the SA seamers weren't able to induce any breakthroughs. They were certainly concerned.

Then out of nowhere this happened.
#KyleAbbott got Shehzad to flick one in the air over #midwicket
Everyone thought it had clearly flown over the fielder for a #boundary.
Steyn patrolling the area swooped in and produced a stunning one handed dive.
Absolute stunner .... SA players swooped on him like footballers celebrate a goal.

Absolute beauty .. sight to behold.

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