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Wednesday 25 February 2015

CWC 2015 - Angelo Mathews - Sri Lankas GO-TO Man

Can handle crisis with superb ease.

Angelo is very analytical and has tremendous talent for unravelling complicated issues and situations. His life is actually problem free, and he is happiest when he is testing his own ingenuity; if life does not present him with problems to overcome his natural response is to seek them out. 

He is a life saver who is capable of restoring order and bringing in hope in depressing situations. The reverse is also true he has a habit of playing the devil’s advocate and injecting difficulties into simple procedures sometimes being disorganised can be harmful.

Angelo's greatest challenge is enjoying the ordinary, The way forward is to understand that that a fulfilling and happy life is not one of extremes but of steady, positive feelings about every aspect of his life even chores and routine.

To enhance luck its very important that Angelo makes every day special, understand that everyday in his life including those that are without highlights is unique and special. Never waste an opportunity to feel positive and upbeat about his life.

Learn that change begins from the inside out. Once he is able to understand the life changing fact that his destiny is to influence, motivate and inspire others with his resilience ingenuity and flair life will be super successful.

Power Thought:
“Everyday offers me an opportunity to learn something new about myself”

God Bless
Dolly Manghat

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