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Sunday 8 February 2015

Why Will Pak Beat India At Adelaide In 2015 ICC World Cup?

Checked out the wonderful Ad above? Am sure all of Pak will be as frustrated as the guy shown ...

In all world cup editions till date where Pak have faced Ind, they have been on the losing side. Amazingly, all those losses have been pretty one sided.

1992 - by 30+ runs at Sydney (league match, Pak went on to win the World Cup then)

1996 - by 50+ runs at Bengaluru (quarter final - knockout game)

1999 - by 40+ runs at Manchester (super sixes match, Pak reached finals of the World Cup then)

2003 - by 6 wickets at Jo'burg 

2011 - by 40+ runs at Mohali (semi final - knockout game)

2015 - WHO WILL WIN? - at Adelaide (league match)

Clear indicator they seem to be under pressure against India at the biggest stage of cricket.

So, how is it about to change?

Will Pak beat Ind at Adelaide?

If we were to go by law of averages - it is long over due.

24 years without winning against Ind will hurt surely...

Here are some reasons to think why Pak will emerge victorious at the Adelaide Oval on 15th Feb '15:

 - Australian pitches are about bowling strengths than batting. Although AO is a belter of a track and one of the best pitches for batting in Australia, the natural bounce and swing should suit the Pak bowling (much much superior than the pedestrian Ind bowling at the moment)

 - Ind is in a hopeless situation at the moment in all departments - bowling and batting (fielding exempted because their fielders don't get enough runs to defend anyway). This is the best time for Pak to capitalize and deal a blow on their already low confidence.

 - Ind has been sledging all the way in Australia without focusing on cricket. Clearly distracted. Pak on the other hand seem to be focused on the game. Although they are finding it a bit tough in NZ, they seem more zoned in on the job.

 - They can exploit weaknesses in the Indian batting big time .. get through Kohli, Rahane and Dhoni and the rest will take care of itself. The same does not apply to India's bowling woefully struggling to get a few wickets eveyr game. Pak batsman can (although weaker of the two teams) target that and make up for loss of superstar value!

Lets see how it goes? because don't think Pak will get a better opportunity to strike early, strike dearly at Ind in a World Cup match. If they meet again later in the tournament in knock-out stages (it has never happened before) then I will back India to win that game. 

If India reach knockouts, they will be a completely different outfit to negotiate. That man Dhoni has ability and mastery of setting up "big games" psychologically and winning them.  

Go Pak grab your chance! Team India ... watch out if you need to keep your 100% record intact! 

Ind meet Pak at the Adelaide Oval in the Pool B opening match on 15th Feb.

Match starts 8:50 am India time, 9:20 am Pakistan time.

Let the match EXPLODE.........

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