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Wednesday 25 February 2015

CWC 2015 - Kumar Sangakkarra Needs Self Belief

Kumar needs to recognise his own worth.

He has the ability to make a lasting and positive impression on all those he meets. Extremely versatile and sensitive to the feelings of others he loves harmony and likes nothing better than bringing in smiles to everyone around him. 

Paradoxically however underneath his sociable and relatively normal persona he is riddled with doubts insecurities, contradictions and hidden fears. Learning to develop faith in his abilities is crucial to your success and happiness in life. 

Kumar needs to believe in himself and his talents. Once he has accepted that to be human is to be complex, his destiny will point the way towards progress through the most unlikely of approaches.

Kumar Sangakkara ‘s greatest challenge is to be true to himself and the way forward is to understand that until he is true to who he is life will forever feel confusing and overwhelming.

His luck is enhanced if he could visualize what he deserves with positive expectation the way he wants to be and his behaviour will catch up with the mental image of himself, attarcting good luck in the process.

Power Thought for Kumar
“It is safe for me to look within”

God Bless
Dolly Manghat

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