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Sunday 1 February 2015

Last Over Drama of 1999 World Cup Semi Final (SA v Aus)

Defining Moments of ‪#‎ICCWorldCup

Aus V SA (Semifinal, 1999, Birmingham)

In what is termed as the ‪‎greatest one day match‬ of all time, this game had it all.
Drama, Emotion, Climax and Anti-Climax ... all demonstrated in this final over with SA needing 9 to win from 6 balls.
‪#‎LanceKluesener‬ banged deliveries #1 and #2 to cover and long off fences for boundaries.
8/9 runs scored.
Scores leveled
1 to win from 4 deliveries.
Cake walk. right?
Ball #3 - Kluesener mistimes one to mid-on, Donald out of his crease, Throw misses stumps. Life for Donald. Life for SA.
Ball #4 - Kluesener again mistimes one straight down the ground, bowler misses, mid-off intercepts and back handles a throw. Kluesner starts running and reaches non-striker's end, Donald (probably stunned by the previous ball) doesn't move an inch. Then decides to run very late.
By the then the backflick has reached the bowler who slides it back to the wicket keeper. He removes the bails and Donald is miles out.
Game Tied.
Australia through to the finals (because they beat SA in their super sixes game just a few days ago in another humdinger)

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