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Friday 13 February 2015

Player Watch At ICC World Cup 2015 - Ian Bell

Ian Bell is assertive and warm-hearted individual. Read more..

He has the ability to see problems in both an emotional and a practical way making you an excellent problem solver and mediators.

He is capable of bringing in even the most divergent of opinions into harmony with great charm and tact.

Ian needs to recognize the importance of relaxation and quiet emotional fulfillment. 

Once he is able to do that he will be able to enlist the support of others and make progress where he needs to.

He is a wonderful leader and a great communicator working particularly well when given the charge of a team with the opportunity to inspire and encourage others.

His greatest challenge is responding to the needs of others, the way forward is to understand that shirking his responsibilities for more stimulating pursuits will not bring him the fulfillment he seeks.

To enhance his luck, he should not over commit himself.
If the to do list is long decide the priorities.

This will attract luck because by being selective he will notice and increased energy and clarity of mind.

His Power Thought
“Today I will consider both sides of every argument”

God Bless
Dolly Manghat

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