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Monday 23 February 2015

CWC 2015 - Technology - Fire Bails and Stumps

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Anyone watching this cricket world cup will have seen some amazing technology innovations being used. Be it the #Spidercam or the #Bowling Comparison meter. But, the #Fire #Bails and #Stumps seem to be hogging the highest attention of them all.

Its definitely a sight to behold.
Stumps being broken by express deliveries, #runouts, #stumpings, etc.
Everytime these stumps illuminate giving an awesome feel to the action.
This technology is to aid umpires in making decisions in close shaves, ideally runouts and stumpings. The results are encouraging already.

There is one problem though.
They are helluva expensive.
One set of 6 stumps and 4 bails costs a whopping AUD 7000. Whoa!
A supplier from #NewZealand has the contract to supply these "limited edition" stumps and bails for the World cup. Umpires have been strictly advised to prevent players from taking stumps away after winning matches. Some notable examples of this issue was during the #Irish victory over #WestIndies when players were stopped halfway and asked to leave stumps on the ground.

#ShikharDhawan wanted a piece for his showcase after his man of the match winning perfomance against #SA at the #MCG but umpires didn't allow him to take the stump away.

All in all ... a fabulous innovation and here to stay for years to come I guess!! 

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