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Friday 6 March 2015

CWC 2015 LIVE - Disaster Strikes Windies - 4 Wickets Down Already v India

#WestIndies v #India, #WACA, #Perth
6th Mar 2015

Tragedy has struck for the West Indies!
Barely 10 overs in their innings, their top 4 batsmen have returned to the pavilion.
Impressive start from the Indian bowlers must be said.
Both #MohamadShami and #UmeshYadav have exploited the pitch conditions beautifully to tie down the free strokemakers and then nail them into submission.

The Windies started really cautiously. Seeing #DwayneSmith and #ChrisGayle (two thunderous strokemakers upfront) play the way they did in first 5 overs, gave an indication that they had a plan to settle down and then smash it around.

Then, it started happening for India. 

#DwayneSmith tried to slash a delivery close to his body. It bounced higher than anticipated and flew into Dhoni's gloves. Shami the bowler. Well bowled
WI - 8 for 1

In 8th over, #MarlonSamuels was tragically #runout. Gayle, trying to break shackles smashed one in the air to midon where the fielder, Shami, dived and fielded. Gayle was ball watching while Samuels was already down the other end for a run. Both players in the same batting crease. Oh no. Shami threw it at the non-striker;s end where #ViratKohli disturbed the bails.
WI - 15 for 2

This runout rattled Gayle and he decided to throw caution to the wind by smashing Yadav for a boundary, an edgy 2 and a trademark six over midwicket. Everyone thought this was the moment for Gayle to explode. With luck riding by his side, he would have fancied taking his chances. But one too many you'd think. He tried to pull a jumping bouncer (bowled by Shami) from outside off to square leg where #MohitSharma was waiting to pounce on the steepler of a catch. India fans explode. The big man gone.
WI - 35 for 3

In the very next over, Yadav produced an inside edge to castle #DeneshRamdin's defence. Out first ball. 
WI -  35 for 4

They need someone to hold fort for a while now.
Can #JonathanCarter play that role with the lower middle order batsmen?
We'll wait to see.

#LIVE #Cricket #Score
WI - 49 for 4 (13 overs)

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